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We are currently housed in the School of Nanoscience and Technology, IIT Kharagpur. IRG focuses on advancing the frontier of nanotechnology, specializing in a multifaceted approach encompassing hybrids, catalysis, and enzyme mimics at the nanoscale level. Our work not only delves into the fundamental understanding of nanomaterials properties but also explores the practical applications in industrial and healthcare sectors, leveraging the unique attributes of atomically precise nanomaterials. Our team pioneers breakthroughs in developing nanohybrids with tailored properties, designing innovative nanozymes, studying nano-bio interfaces for targeted therapeutics applications, and engineering nanosensors and devices for precise diagnostics. The group's commitment to precision and innovation will drive them to revolutionize diverse fields for the betterment of society.

Research Interests

Selected Publications

Latest News

07/04/2024:       A grand proposal is accepted in SPARC; We are eagerly waiting to welcome Eminent Scientists to IIT Kharagpur Campus. 

19/03/2024:    Work titled "Gold Nanostars: Synthesis, Optical and SERS Analytical Properties" stands out as one of the most widely read papers and received downloads to rank within top 10% of papers. Check out youself - (link) .

19/02/2024:     Dr. Mrinal joined our group as first Post doctoral fellow. Welcome Dr. Mrinal to the group.

23/01/2024: Work titled "Plasmophores with Tunable Photoluminescence and Outstanding Thermal and Photothermal Stability" has been published in Advanced Optical Materials. (Just accepted).

10/01/2024Our perspective has been selected in the 2023 Editors’ Highlights Collection (link)

18/08/2023:  We wholeheartedly congratulate our PI Dr. Indranath Chakraborty for being appointed as an  associate of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bengaluru.


25/07/2023: Our perspective on "Nanohybrids of Atomically Precise Metal Nanoclusters" has been published in Communications Chemistry.(link)


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